The Orthodontic “NO” List

As you’ve probably heard, there are many of foods you should avoid while you’re wearing braces. The rumors are all true, breaking brackets with foods on the “No” list can prolong your treatment as well as be a painful inconvenience for you and your family.
hard foods

Hard, Crunchy Foods

Hard, crunchy foods like whole apples, carrots, and hard chips are now off the table. While you’re wearing braces you need to reduce these foods into bite sized pieces, cook them to make them softer, or avoid them all together.
interfering foods

Food that Interfere with Your Braces

Chicken wings, ribs, and corn on the cob will all take a little extra effort to eat while you’ve got braces on. You’ll have to pull the meat off the bone and corn off the cob to make sure you don’t pop any brackets off.
interfering foods

Sticky,Gummy Foods

Sticky foods like caramels, gummy candies, and anything that can tug or pull on your brackets are certainly foods to avoid while you’re experiencing orthodontic treatment.
interfering foods

Foods That Stain

For wearers of clear braces or clear aligners, food or drink that can stain are important to steer clear of. Red wine, coffee, and tomato sauces are all known for staining ceramic clear braces as well as clear aligner systems.

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