The Benefits of Early Treatment

early treatment

Many orthodontic issues are much more easily corrected with early intervention. By the time that your child reaches the age of 7, their mouth has developed a distinct structure even though it’s not completely done growing yet. With the help of comprehensive examination and X-ray images, Dr. Valderrama can determine whether your child is likely to have orthodontic issues as they grow. If problems with their permanent teeth are expected to develop, Dr. Valderrama can do early orthodontic treatment to prevent those issues from occurring.

The Benefits of Early Orthodontic Treatment

There are a number of significant benefits to having early orthodontic treatment for your child. They include:

  • Avoiding problems caused by an overcrowded mouth as the adult teeth emerge
  • Avoiding the development of problems like overbite, underbite, or crossbite
  • Avoiding jaw development problems as the adult teeth grown in
  • Avoiding pain and discomfort caused by teeth growing with improper alignment
  • Improved appearance, with a straighter and more attractive smile overall
  • Improved self-confidence as your child enters their teen and tween years — your child can smile confidently
  • Prevention of more complex and costly orthodontic corrections later

It’s also important to note that early orthodontic treatment is often less complex and time-consuming than adult orthodontic treatment. Problems are far more easily corrected when the mouth is still growing. When the mouth is fully grown and has been in a specific state of alignment for many years — which is the case with adult orthodontic patients — the correction can take twice as long and be far more difficult.

The Early Orthodontic Treatment Approach — and How it Benefits Your Child

Early orthodontic treatment is usually done in two different phases. The first phase starts as early as age 6-7, but it can begin later than that depending on when the problems are diagnosed. In the first phase, your child will still have most of their baby teeth. The first phase can correct issues with biting, help move the jaw into the proper position for the future, and help set the stage for the next phase of correction.

In the second phase, correction is done on the adult teeth as the growth patterns become clear. The second phase of correction usually consists of braces for anywhere from six months up to around 18 months. The braces will guide your child’s adult teeth into the right position for the long term.

When you decide to begin orthodontic treatment early in your child’s life, your child will come to accept it as a normal and healthy part of health and wellness care. Children who have early orthodontic treatment are much less likely to develop a fear of the dentist’s office¬†because they are there on a regular basis. Dr. Valderrama and the Valderrama Orthodontics team really strive to make young patients feel comfortable. Early orthodontic treatment is enormously beneficial for your child, and they’ll be well aware of that as their teeth emerge without problems or pain.

Need Early Treatment for Your Child? Valderrama Orthodontics Can Help!

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